Complaints about goods will be considered within 21 days from the date of submitting a properly completed complaint form along with a copy of the receipt or invoice and the complained part. After the deadline, please contact Brodmir SP. Z O.O. to collect the complaint decision. Failure to collect the decision within 7 days of its issuance is equivalent to the complainant waiving the claims arising from the submitted complaint!

Brodmir SP. Z O.O. reserves the right to return the goods free from defects or to provide new goods to the complainant within 7 days of accepting the complaint. The Seller will inform the Buyer about accepting the complaint by phone or electronically.


The manufacturer of shock absorbers provides a warranty for material and technological defects for a period of 24 months from the date of sale to the end customer.

The warranty covers only newly purchased shock absorbers, only in the case of replacing both shock absorbers on the axle. The basis for accepting complaints is presenting the original warranty card along with a copy of the purchase receipt. In addition, in the case of complaints regarding damping, a printout from the device for testing shock absorbers should be attached.

In case of leakage or corrosion of the shock absorber piston, please provide the covers and bump stops working with the complained shock absorber.

The warranty does not cover:

  • shock absorbers damaged during installation or as a result of incorrect installation
  • shock absorbers damaged as a result of using worn-out covers and bump stops
  • shock absorbers damaged as a result of an accident
  • shock absorbers damaged as a result of improper use of the vehicle, during rally driving, sports driving or racing.